Ramona’s Kitchen is a company that makes some of the most delicious, naturally vegan food you could ever wish to taste. However, they had a problem. Although the company is called Ramona’s Kitchen, their most prominent brand was a range called ‘Me Too’.


When ‘Me Too’ first become the hashtag for women show solidarity with other victims of sexual abuse, the team at Ramona’s Kitchen had no idea that the term would quickly transform into a global movement - and eventually start to adversely affect the brand.


When it became clear that the term ‘Me Too’ was no longer feasible, Skill + Fire was approached to develop a new brand for the range of houmous, falafel and veggie burgers. Having met the company’s charismatic founder, Ramona Hazan, we recommended that the name of the brand simply become ‘Ramona’s.’


After a deep-dive into the existing houmous, falafel and veggie burger categories - we set about crafting a brand that would stand out in a ‘sea of beige’. Having settled on bold typefaces and a neon colour pallette, we set about creating an iconic look for the new range.


The goal of the relaunch was to achieve category listings in some of the UK’s largest supermarkets. We are delighted to see that Ramona’s is now listed in three of the major retailers and is in discussions with the others - and the brand is well on the way to becoming a household name.